Ah Crap: Faulty Horizon

So, I thought that I had sufficiently protected my beloved Horizon Perfekt against the harsh environment of my bike bag-on-vacation with a soft cover. Apparently not. After only half a roll of film (very expensive Lomography Purple, I might add) the camera got mercilessly stuck. I had advanced the film, but still could not press... Continue Reading →

Serial Shooter: Spiders

I don't like spiders. Admittedly, I don't actively hate them either - useful critters, eating mosquitoes, being food for birds - but they give me the shivers. Too many legs, too many eyes. Over the years I have come to appreciate the smaller varieties in my garden, I can handle the average cross spider these... Continue Reading →

Film: Kono! Dubblefilm Bubbelgum

In a flurry of 'I have to try more types of film', I purchased a slew of novelty film, including the Kono! Dubblefilm Bubblegum. Just like the Revolog Volvox and Kolor, this is a film that has been pre-exposed, which should lead to unexpected effects on your photos. In the words of Kono!: Color 35mm... Continue Reading →

Location: Three Tripoints

In the series 'meaningless geographic monuments' (see also the center) I passed no fewer than three tripoints in three days last spring. Something like that can make me very happy. Such a tripoint is of course a fairly random point, it is not that unique that three national borders come together somewhere, but I still... Continue Reading →

Goodby to the Big Foot

A year ago I wrote something about the statue Noch Einmal by Henk Visch, that in my head is simply called the Big Foot. It was in the center of Amersfoort for years, where I regularly came by, and also regularly photographed it. A nice thing that I was secretly quite attached to. My disappointment... Continue Reading →


Recently I have become a bit obsessed with zines. That's Austin Kleon's fault. He's an American author I follow on Twitter, who writes good things about creativity. He is a fan of zines, self-published cut-and-paste magazines that can be about anything. Zines were once popular in the squatters' scene and punk, became fanzines, and after... Continue Reading →

12 Months, 12 Proectents: July Freelensing

Project freelensing was scheduled for July. Freelensing is a technique whereby you remove the lens from your camera and, with the aperture fully open, hold it in front of the camera body while shooting. By tilting the lens slightly in relation to the body, you can shift the focus point in a slightly different way... Continue Reading →

Serial Shooter: Festival Shirts

No, not those festival shirts. With logos and such. But the shirts that I was looking for with half an eye as I wandered around in between the good acts to pass the time. If you go to a large festival with a group of friends, you want a moment for yourself every now and... Continue Reading →

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