Sometimes The Journey Is Better Than The Destination

The last few years I have developed a serious weakness for pinhole photography. Not only because it provides nice pictures, but also because it offers an endless stream of experiments and craft fun. A pinhole camera is easy to assemble, and it is easy to vary upon designs. Paper, film, medium format, panoramic, in a... Continue Reading →


Enchanting Kodak Ektar 100

Over the years I have dragged Kodak Ektar 100 film over half the world. I have been in Chile, Norway, Germany, but also just around the corner on the Veluwe. Ektar 100 is a film that does not disappoint. Especially in combination with the Horizon Perfekt I am very satisfied with it. Both in the... Continue Reading →


At the end of 2016 I stumbled upon a nice camera at the thrift store, a Ricoh 500G. I fell for its good looks and could not wait to go out and shoot with it. However, I first had to clean away the nasty gunk of a decayed inner lining. Soon it turned out that... Continue Reading →

Photo Story: Camping

A few years back my baby and I cycled back home from Berlin. A beautiful trip through a varied landscape, where we slept at a different campsite each night. By the end of our trip we had enough time to make a small detour through the Ruhr area. Perhaps not the most obvious holiday destination,... Continue Reading →

Filterfun: Kaleidoscope

In a museum shop I once saw a cool photo gadget: a cardboard camera, with a kind of kaleidoscope for a lens. Looking through it, then saw everything repeated 20 times, like trough an insect's eye. A fun gizmo to take photos through, but at about nine euros a bit pricey. So I put it... Continue Reading →

Serial Shooter: Scooter on a Stick

Just around the corner from where I live, there was this slightly run-down industrial area. An old brick factory building with various small businesses in gradations of shadyness. A dealer in plaster ceiling decorations, someone who made garden furniture out of wooden scaffolding, and a handful of even more obscure things. Common denominator: you never... Continue Reading →

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