12 Months, 12 Projects – July: Up and Down

For my July project, I had decided on photography from extreme angles. That is, shoot straight up and shoot from just above the ground. This was actually inspired by those pictures of skyscrapers from below. You know the type, straight edged pictures with a bright blue sky between three or four imposing buildings bending to the center of the picture. Or those pictures straight up from Parisian courtyards. A whole alphabet has even been created from pictures like that. The close-to-the-ground part of the project was a sort of saftey, in case I didn’t find cool shots straight up.

I must admit, I didn’t really try my best this month. I wanted to use the Holga, because I have decided that August is Holga month on my blog. That limited the possibilities a bit. In the absence of too much angle of view, the those high-rise building did not really work out. I don’t have any handy skyscrapers or quaint little courtyards close by. Our local office buildings are not so high or close together that it makes for an interesting picture. Some old alleys in the inner city proved to be slightly interesting, and the art at Amsterdam sculpture event Art Zuid produced a nice straight up photo, and that was more or less it.

The low pictures were easier to realize. Though I have to learn to keep my camera straight, since in half of my pictures the horizon is skewed. I really should put the camera on the ground for these kind of pictures. Half a meter above the ground doesn’t quite produce the extreme picture I was looking for.

Well, all in all, not a very spectacular result. Nevertheless, it has encouraged me to look for other points of view more often. For example, when I didn’t just took a regular frontal view of the monument at the center of the Netherlands, but also tried an extra low point of view. I probably wouldn’t have done that if it handn’t been for my project. I wouldn’t have photographed the artwork either, and have missed a fairly nice picture. It once again made me realize that it’s good to think about things in a different way. That’s another win.


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