This is a blog about analogue photography. Well, mostly analogue photography, anyway. Sometimes I write about digital stuff, or other kinds of art.


On the internet, I go by the name of Stratski, for privacy reasons. A bit contradictory, I know, with all the personal pictures I put online. And with some clever googling, you can probably find out easily enough what my real name is, but there you go.

Diana Mini with Lomography CN 800 film.
Self portrait in portaloo. Diana Mini with Lomography CN 800 film.

I’m not a professional photographer. Everything photography related I do is purely because I enjoy doing it. I don’t make any money from my pictures, I have no formal training beyond a darkroom course 10 years ago, and I have no real ambitions to change that (unless you can make me an offer I can’t refuse of course). I just enjoy taking pictures and writing about it. I have a preference for analogue photography.

Digital has a lot of advantages over film. Once you’ve got that camera, it’s practically free and you’ll never run out of film (running out of MB’s can still happen, but takes longer). You can check immediately if your picture turned out okay before leaving that exotic holiday destination you’ll never get back to. So yes, I do always carry a digital camera whan on special holidays.

But I’ll always carry at least one (and often more) analogue camera as well. I like the unpredictability of old or special film, the pleasant anticipation of waiting for my pictures, and ┬áthe fun of experimenting. A cheap analogue thrift store camera can be turned in a great customised supercamera. Film can be tamperd with. Results may vary. Sometimes I fail and I get nothing but a blank piece of negative, sometimes my pictures are just as I hoped they would be, and sometimes they are nothing like I had expected, but totally wonderful in ways I would never have thought.

Unless stated otherwise, all images on this site are my own. Please don’t use them, or my texts, without my permission.


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