Art: Prints by Maya Beano

Through my purchase of some pictures by Allison Scarpulla, I had become enthusiastic about prints. I clicked around some other favorite Instagram photographers' websited in search of more. The British Maya Beano turned out to have a webshop as well, although at that moment it contained only sold-out editions. But I kept a close eye... Continue Reading →


Fake Italian: Dacora Digna

It was not long after I bought my Agfa Isola I at the local thrift store, that I came across a similar camera at the same store. Maybe from the same previous owner, who can tell. Dacora Digna, it said in the camera body, and for a moment I thought I had my first Italian... Continue Reading →

Diana Fail

In the category "things that can go wrong when shooting film", todays example is forgetting to take the extra lens of the Diana Instant Back out of the Diana F+ when shooting with normal film. You should not forget to do that. I usually use the Diana F + with the Instant Back, because for my... Continue Reading →

Book: Caroussel: Into the Mountains

I got my holiday pay, so I treated myself to a fine stack of books. One of them is Caroussel: Into the Mountains by Thomas Elshuis. Elshuis is, so to speak, a kind of indirect photographer. In 1998 he inherited an image archive with 20,000 photographs. He has been making new art with that ever... Continue Reading →

Serial Shooter: Anchor Plates

Sometimes you just want to go out and take some pictures. But what off? No time or desire to go anywhere special, no project to keep you busy, you just want to take some nice pictures. In that case, you'll just have to go out and walk around to look for a subject. As I... Continue Reading →

A Classic: Kodak T-Max 400 film

The film that I have probably been using the longest (except for the generic HEMA film) is Kodak T-Max 400. When I took a darkroom course 20 years ago, I photographed with T-Max, and still I occasionally load my camera with this film. That because is was and is a great black and white film.... Continue Reading →

Diana Mini Blues

For some reason, I often have a somewhat difficult relationship with the cameras I use most. See, for example, the Holga saga. This goes for the Diana Mini too. It has become one of my favorite cameras, but it´s kind of a love-hate relationship. I am as often as not disappointed in the Mini. If... Continue Reading →

Happy Accidents

One of the beautiful things about analog photography is the Happy Accident. The photo that has technically failed, but which still looks amazing, in a totally unexpected way. Now a digital photo can also fail naturally - out of focus, poorly exposed, smudgy, worthless composition - but when you shoot in analogue, things can go... Continue Reading →

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