Around the Web: Playing with Food

Now that the big eating season has started again, and I feel that the flu season is close too, here's a quick tour along some fun food photographers. Wright Kitchen: Brittany Wright makes the best food photographs out there, of her beautiful food gradients. Rainbows of ripening berries, from light green to deep purple. Tomatoes... Continue Reading →


Tinkering with the Snapsights

One of my favorite cameras is the Snapsights underwater camera. Not to actually use under water, but to use in rainy weather or in the snow. With its plastic casing, it is not only waterproof, it can also stand to be knocked about for a bit. The ideal outdoor camera, in short. (Well, as long... Continue Reading →

Serial shooter: Soesterweg

We are now back in the season that I cycle to the station a before sunrise. A large part of the (short) route runs along the Soesterweg, an old avenue with impressive oaks on both sides. In spring and autumn I sometimes get lucky and the rising sun is shining through the trees. Those are... Continue Reading →

DIY Fun: Matchbox Pinhole

My favorite pinhole camera is made from a matchbox. The design is simple. You take a matchbox, and cut out a little square from the center of the outer box. It's easiest to cut it open, then you can blacken the inside with a marker while you're at it. Behind the open square you tape... Continue Reading →

Matchbox pinholes: Lucipin

One of the coolest things about pinhole photography is that you can easily make your own camera. A piece of tin, some cardboard and tape, that's all you need. The first successful pinholecamera that I made (after one or two less successful attempts) was the Lucipin, so named because it was made out of a... Continue Reading →

Guy on a Rock

When you're traveling, you'll want to have a good look good around you sometimes. Especially if you are in the middle of some wild nature, with mountains and panoramic views, stuff we do not have too much of at home in the flat, urbanized Netherlands. No one can look as intensly at the landscape as... Continue Reading →

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