Fake Italian: Dacora Digna

It was not long after I bought my Agfa Isola I at the local thrift store, that I came across a similar camera at the same store. Maybe from the same previous owner, who can tell. Dacora Digna, it said in the camera body, and for a moment I thought I had my first Italian... Continue Reading →


Diana Mini Blues

For some reason, I often have a somewhat difficult relationship with the cameras I use most. See, for example, the Holga saga. This goes for the Diana Mini too. It has become one of my favorite cameras, but it´s kind of a love-hate relationship. I am as often as not disappointed in the Mini. If... Continue Reading →

Camera: Agfa Isola I

A while back I found a cool box camera at the thrift store, an Agfa Isola I. It looked a bit like a cross between the Agfa Clack and the Agfa Isoly Junior, which I also have. Upon returning home, I thought for a minute that I had bought a dud, because the shutter refused. I... Continue Reading →


At the end of 2016 I stumbled upon a nice camera at the thrift store, a Ricoh 500G. I fell for its good looks and could not wait to go out and shoot with it. However, I first had to clean away the nasty gunk of a decayed inner lining. Soon it turned out that... Continue Reading →

Russian Tank: Zenit E

A few years back found a Russian SLR in a garage sale, the Zenit E. I had wanted a Soviet camera for a while, so I was happy with it. It is a beautiful thing, built like a tank, and very suitable for braining potential robbers. It also makes beautiful photographs. The technical specifications in... Continue Reading →

Perfekt Horizons

I had had my eye on the Horizon Perfekt for a long time. I had often drooled over pictures taken with this camera. Occasionally I looked at it in web shops, but at over 400 euro's, I found it too expensive. Until one day it was considerably discounted, I had an extra discount code, and... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Must Have Cameras

There are many types of analog cameras in the world, from simple boxes-with-a-hole to super deluxe, fully adjustable mirror reflexes with lenses more expensive than a second-hand car, and from tiny spy microfilm cameras to huge, large-format aircraft cameras. If you like to collect stuff, cameras are a great choice. But even if you don't... Continue Reading →

No Photo: New Years Holga

At my first attempt to take some pictures with my brand new Holga TIM, it turned out to be a true Holga. I happily shot a half roll of film on New Years Eve. Camera on a tripod, cable release on camera, snapping away at the fireworks. After processing my film, there were hardly any... Continue Reading →

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