Tinkering with the Snapsights

One of my favorite cameras is the Snapsights underwater camera. Not to actually use under water, but to use in rainy weather or in the snow. With its plastic casing, it is not only waterproof, it can also stand to be knocked about for a bit. The ideal outdoor camera, in short. (Well, as long... Continue Reading →


DIY Fun: Matchbox Pinhole

My favorite pinhole camera is made from a matchbox. The design is simple. You take a matchbox, and cut out a little square from the center of the outer box. It's easiest to cut it open, then you can blacken the inside with a marker while you're at it. Behind the open square you tape... Continue Reading →

Matchbox pinholes: Lucipin

One of the coolest things about pinhole photography is that you can easily make your own camera. A piece of tin, some cardboard and tape, that's all you need. The first successful pinholecamera that I made (after one or two less successful attempts) was the Lucipin, so named because it was made out of a... Continue Reading →


About three years ago I looked at what cameras I use the most. Back then, the Olympus XA and the Holga 120 CFN came out as glorious winners. We're a few years along the way now, several cameras and a lot of photos further, and I was wondering how the camera/photo ratio now stands. The... Continue Reading →

New(ish): Holga Wide Angle Lens

Someone in town had had enough of his Holga close-up filters and lenses and had brought them to the thrift store. The close-up filters and telelens I already own, but the wide angle lens was new to me. I grabbed the opportunity, because all to many Holga accessories are not readily available anymore. And for... Continue Reading →

Widelux 1500 Revisited

The Widelux 1500 is one of those cameras that I sometimes have to pull out of the mothballs. It's a wonderful thing that deserves to be used. That's easier said than done, because with its two kilos it's not a camera you casually stick in a pocket. But I girded my loins and dragged it... Continue Reading →

Small but Good: Olympus OM-1

In the ever changing ranking of favorite SLR's, the Olympus OM-1 consistently scores well. It is a very pleasant camera to work with. It's slim and well-crafted, without feeling too light and fluffy. Made in stylish and sturdy metal, it is feels good to handle it. Made between 1972 and 1988 (different models that differ... Continue Reading →

Holga Saga II

It's always something, with those Holga's. Life with my favorite camera is not all roses. Some time ago, my green Holga seemed to have finally kicked the bucket due to a broken advance button, so I bought a new one. Of course, I took it on vacation and shot half a dozen rolls in country... Continue Reading →

Pinholes à la Holga

In a fit of madness, I once bought a Holga 135 PC. After several DIY projects, I wanted a "real" pinhole camera for a change, with a decent shutter and a proper advance mechanism. Now there are brilliant pinhole cameras on the market, made of wood and copper, a joy to behold. Rather on the... Continue Reading →

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