Sometimes The Journey Is Better Than The Destination

The last few years I have developed a serious weakness for pinhole photography. Not only because it provides nice pictures, but also because it offers an endless stream of experiments and craft fun. A pinhole camera is easy to assemble, and it is easy to vary upon designs. Paper, film, medium format, panoramic, in a... Continue Reading →


Photo Story: Camping

A few years back my baby and I cycled back home from Berlin. A beautiful trip through a varied landscape, where we slept at a different campsite each night. By the end of our trip we had enough time to make a small detour through the Ruhr area. Perhaps not the most obvious holiday destination,... Continue Reading →

Fossile macros

I read a fun little book from the library about urban palaeontology (Kijk waar je loopt! by Jelle Reumer) and got inspired immediately. To see beautiful fossils you don't have to go into the mountains or a museum. All kinds of buildings were built using natural stone filled with shells and coral. Time for a... Continue Reading →


12 Months, 12 Projects – January Beernol

As the first project of 2018 beernol was on the program. Beernol is related to caffenol, but you use beer instead of instant coffee. Some websites give recipes with Guinness, probably reasoning that you have to use beer that tastes like coffee, but that is nonsense: even the cheapest bottom shelf beer works fine. It... Continue Reading →


The Longest Night

It started out as a regular winter hike in Norway: cold, snowy, beautiful surroundings. Our first day of hiking was great. But by the end of the day, the wind was really picking up. It took four of us to erect even one tent, and everything lighter than, say, a bottle of water would blow... Continue Reading →


Projects for 2018

Happy New Year! Time to look ahead. On to a nice new year with hopefully a lot of beautiful new projects to mess around with. For starters, I have some loose intentions, not really projects, but just that: loose intentions. Try to follow in the footsteps of an established photographer more often, for example. Finishing... Continue Reading →


Looking back at 2017

The year has two more days to go, but fuck it, I'm already looking back. On my photo projects, that is, because otherwise 2017 can best be forgotten. When I looked back on 2016 a year ago I joked about a third world war, but that joke is no longer so funny. So for now,... Continue Reading →




B-mode Blues

In the ongoing Holga saga I accidently photographed in B mode for an entire, three week, holiday. Seven rolls of photos in various stages of blur were the result. 1. How on earth do I do this shit? 2. How is the Holga still my favorite camera when screw up so often with that thing?... Continue Reading →


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