Art: Prints by Maya Beano

Through my purchase of some pictures by Allison Scarpulla, I had become enthusiastic about prints. I clicked around some other favorite Instagram photographers' websited in search of more. The British Maya Beano turned out to have a webshop as well, although at that moment it contained only sold-out editions. But I kept a close eye... Continue Reading →


Diana Fail

In the category "things that can go wrong when shooting film",┬átodays example is forgetting to take the extra lens of the Diana Instant Back out of the Diana F+ when shooting with normal film. You should not forget to do that. I usually use the Diana F + with the Instant Back, because for my... Continue Reading →

Happy Accidents

One of the beautiful things about analog photography is the Happy Accident. The photo that has technically failed, but which still looks amazing, in a totally unexpected way. Now a digital photo can also fail naturally - out of focus, poorly exposed, smudgy, worthless composition - but when you shoot in analogue, things can go... Continue Reading →


I am a beer lover. There is nothing like a nice weizen on a summer terrace, a full tripel in winter, a nice IPA or saison. A favorite excursion is therefore to visit breweries. I have visited quite a few over the years. Some only from outside, such as the Guinness brewery in Dublin, or... Continue Reading →

New: Ricoh 35 EF

In the inheritance of the grandmother of the Man of the House there was not only a┬ámagnificent 80's family photo (which I would love to scan and share with the world, but I fear that would get me murdered, because the Man even took it down from the bathroom wall) but also a camera. It... Continue Reading →

Art: Prints by Alison Scarpulla

The other day, I claimed to have bought art for the first time, but strictly speaking that was not quite true. Last year I bought two prints from photographer Alison Scarpulla. I have been following her on Instagram for a while, and she makes beautiful pictures. When she had a sale last year, I bought... Continue Reading →

New: Zeiss Ikon Ikophot S

I was at the thrift store, and I had decided not to get any more cameras. An easy intention, because there is hardly anything worthwile there anymore when it comes to cameras. Lots of boring 90s stuff that needs batteries, sometimes a Rapid or an Instamatic, but I have enough of those. But of course... Continue Reading →

Playing With The Scanner

When I recently surfed the internet, being a bit bored, on my favourite art blog I came across the work of Jannemarijn Renout. Completely abstract images without even a hint of figurativeness, made by aiming a document scanner at the air or water. The result are colorful, geometrically-looking images, a kind of giant glitch.... Continue Reading →

Hunting For The Picture You Allready Have

I once made this beautiful photo. Everything was right: it was nicely in focus and well lighted; the slide film was cross-processed and had exactly the right amount of color shift: not too strong or even, nice contrast, but still reasonably natural. Then the composition was good, the pony in the foreground was in the... Continue Reading →

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