B-mode Blues

In the ongoing Holga saga I accidently photographed in B mode for an entire, three week, holiday. Seven rolls of photos in various stages of blur were the result. 1. How on earth do I do this shit? 2. How is the Holga still my favorite camera when screw up so often with that thing?... Continue Reading →



Although I have been true to my resolution for this year not to buy any new cameras, this resolution will not last the whole year. I have already ordered a new camera. That is, it still has to be made, and I'm not sure if I'll have it this year. That's one of the risks... Continue Reading →

Travel Blues

I went on a tree week cycling trip. It seemed to go allright with my cameras in the bicycle pack, but in the end it was proved that a cycling holiday is worse for cameras than a hiking holiday. Still, the lens was okay. I had made an impromptu lens cap out of thick paper... Continue Reading →

Vacation stress

In a shot time I will leave for a vacation. A route has been planned, books are loaded on the e-reader, and further the preparations are well on their way. The only thing I still worry about, is which cameras to bring. Thsi is, of course, an not the first time. Every vacation again, I... Continue Reading →

Tame wildlife

Deep down inside, I would love to make impressive wildlife photos. Awesome close-ups of lions and elephants or, closer to home, of wild boars and their striped piglets, or rutting deer. I'll even settle for an impressive close-up of a blue tit. But to get pictures like these, you need all kinds of things. -... Continue Reading →

Echo: Cape

In a ditant past (well, last year) I often visited rock festivals. I must have attended the Belgian Rock Werchter almost 20 times, many of which with the same group of people (former fellows of my love). Over the course of time, solid patterns have crystallized in that festival group. H takes care of the... Continue Reading →

Always too much, never enough

I love taking pictures, lots of them. Especially on holiday, of course, because who knows when you´ll get the chance to visit again. You may never get another chance to take that photo. Still, I generally try to hold back a bit. After all, you have to be able to just enjoy what you´re doing... Continue Reading →

Book: Gulag

After reading Kamp, a semi-autobiographical book about a doctor in the Gulag (by Angela Rohr, worth the effort), I read the book Gulag. This huge slab of a book gives a good picture of life in the Soviet concentration camps. In grainy black and white you can see the prisoners and guards at work, in... Continue Reading →

Accessory: Lomoflash

My very first purchase ever in Lomography.com's store was a loose flash, about 15 years ago. It was a long time before I started to accumulate camera's, when I just had my one Olympus Trip 35, which has no built-in flash. I still use my lomoflash occasionally. It's a cute little thing, made of transparent... Continue Reading →

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