DIY Fun: Matchbox Pinhole

My favorite pinhole camera is made from a matchbox. The design is simple. You take a matchbox, and cut out a little square from the center of the outer box. It's easiest to cut it open, then you can blacken the inside with a marker while you're at it. Behind the open square you tape... Continue Reading →



One of the fun techniques you can try with the Holga is that of microclicks. This form of panoramic photography yields stretched, a bit translucent images. The process is about the same as making an endless panorama: shoot a picture, do not advance all the way, shift your view a bit, and shoot again. Keep... Continue Reading →

Architectural Flowers

A fun technique for getting cool double exposures is using a splitzer. A splitzer is a fancy name for half a lens cap that coveres half the lens. It's simple, and fun to use. You cover half of the lens, take a picture, do not advance, cover the other half of the lens, and take... Continue Reading →

Flashy Holga

One of the advantages of the Holga 12 CFN is the built-in flash. Not just any flash, but one with four color modes: white, yellow, red and blue. You can do fun things with a flash like that. In general, don't use the flash that often. With the simple cameras and flashes I prefer, when... Continue Reading →

Happy Little Trees

As a student, I used to enjoy watching the show of painting guru Bob Ross. It was beautiful, restful TV after coming home from pub or disco. While describing everything he did in that warm, friendly voice of his, Ross effortlessly painted scenes of idyllic scenery. All in exotic/familiar sounding colors like cadmium yellow and... Continue Reading →

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