12 Months, 12 Projects – February Film Soup

For my February project, film soup was on the menu. That is kins of a waste of film, and a bit stupid, but hey, you have to try everything once. Including the popular with the Lomography ceowd film soup. The trick is to shoot a roll of film, and then drop the entire film in... Continue Reading →


12 Months, 12 Projects – December Photo Book

In my mind I am already in the new year, but of course there is still the December project to discuss. I have wanted to make a photo book of a selection of my analogue photographs for ages. Thia past December I finally got around to doing just that. Well, actually I already did it... Continue Reading →

12 projects, 12 months – November Seasonal Series

For my November project I had the plan to photograph a single location in all seasons. A long-term thing, in which I would have to remember going back to the same place during the year to take a picture. That has more or less succeeded. I have four photos of the corner of the Smallepad... Continue Reading →


12 Months, 12 Projects – September Lightpainting

Withouth much enthusiasm, I decided to do some lightpainting. Project lightpainting had actually been on the program some months ago, but when I thought up my projects, I hadn't realised that in summer, it's not dark until close to midnight. Not practical. For several months, an excess of light was a good excuse to delay... Continue Reading →


12 Months, 12 Projects – August Art Remake

Because there are still too many hours of daylight for light painting, my project for August would be the photographic remake of a piece of art. Let's come clean right away: I was scandalously lazy. Here is a (poorly framed) picture of a banana. You know, after Warhol. My excuse, most of August I was... Continue Reading →


12 Months, 12 Projects – July: Up and Down

For my July project, I had decided on photography from extreme angles. That is, shoot straight up and shoot from just above the ground. This was actually inspired by those pictures of skyscrapers from below. You know the type, straight edged pictures with a bright blue sky between three or four imposing buildings bending to... Continue Reading →


12 months, 12 projects – June: Hacked Supersampler

Contrary to what my plan for 2017 states, I did not try lightpainting last month. In stead, I've hacked a Supersampler. The Supersampler is a funny little camera with four lenses underneath each other. When you take a picture, it fires four times in a row, one lens after the other. All four pictures will... Continue Reading →


2017 Resolutions

The year is almost halfway trough, but let me just share the photographic New Year's resolutions I made in January. I have been doing this the past few years. It helps me to think of something to do when I'm bored and to get better at photography by forcing me to ¬†actually do the things... Continue Reading →


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