Sometimes The Journey Is Better Than The Destination

The last few years I have developed a serious weakness for pinhole photography. Not only because it provides nice pictures, but also because it offers an endless stream of experiments and craft fun. A pinhole camera is easy to assemble, and it is easy to vary upon designs. Paper, film, medium format, panoramic, in a... Continue Reading →


No Photo: New Years Holga

At my first attempt to take some pictures with my brand new Holga TIM, it turned out to be a true Holga. I happily shot a half roll of film on New Years Eve. Camera on a tripod, cable release on camera, snapping away at the fireworks. After processing my film, there were hardly any... Continue Reading →

B-mode Blues

In the ongoing Holga saga I accidently photographed in B mode for an entire, three week, holiday. Seven rolls of photos in various stages of blur were the result. 1. How on earth do I do this shit? 2. How is the Holga still my favorite camera when screw up so often with that thing?... Continue Reading →


Holga Saga II

It's always something, with those Holga's. Life with my favorite camera is not all roses. Some time ago, my green Holga seemed to have finally kicked the bucket due to a broken advance button, so I bought a new one. Of course, I took it on vacation and shot half a dozen rolls in country... Continue Reading →


Holga Saga I

With fantastic timing, a few weeks after it was announced that the production of the cameras would be stopped, my Holga gave up the ghost. A sad moment, because the Holga is high in my top five of all time favorite cameras. Even my digitally minded friends found it a cool thing, and nicknamed it... Continue Reading →


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