12 Months, 12 Projects – May: 35 in 120

It had been years ago since I had used 35 mm film in a 120 camera. High time to try that trick again. I had never used a 35 mm roll in the Holga, so that was the first camera I selected. I loaded it with a roll of Agfa Vista Plus 200 and took... Continue Reading →


Accessories: Holga Lens Filters

The Holga is a sturdy brick of cast plastic. It doesn't do interchangeable lenses, you're stuck with the plastic lens it came with. That lens is beautiful, so why look for anything else? But every now and then it would be nice to get a bit closer with the Holga. A beautiful flower in close-up,... Continue Reading →

I ♥ Holga

For a long time, I doubted wether I shoud buy a Holga. I liked the pictures made with a Holga and the camera is pretty cheap, but did I really need another camera? And when I actually saw one in a photo shop (as opposed to on a stand alone picture in a web shop),... Continue Reading →

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