12 Months, 12 Projects: June Infrared

Just like last year, black and white infrared film was on the program for June. I still had a brand that I did not try at the time, the Rollei Infrared 400X. So I dug up my red filter, plunged a film in my camera, and checked in my blog of last year what worked... Continue Reading →


12 Months, 12 Projects: April – Pinhole Month

True to tradition, April is pinhole month. This year I revisited two old home made pinhoile cameras. Rocket Pinhole I once made a fist version of this pinhole panorama camera. The results were promising, but still a bit rough. A second version turned out to be a disappointment. I assumed that it was bacuse I... Continue Reading →

Projects for 2018

Happy New Year! Time to look ahead. On to a nice new year with hopefully a lot of beautiful new projects to mess around with. For starters, I have some loose intentions, not really projects, but just that: loose intentions. Try to follow in the footsteps of an established photographer more often, for example. Finishing... Continue Reading →

12 Months, 12 Projects – July: Up and Down

For my July project, I had decided on photography from extreme angles. That is, shoot straight up and shoot from just above the ground. This was actually inspired by those pictures of skyscrapers from below. You know the type, straight edged pictures with a bright blue sky between three or four imposing buildings bending to... Continue Reading →

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